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“Part of the Job”- Recognition does not equal acceptance.

Recognition does not equal acceptance.     A rookie police officer, fresh off of field training, is punched in the face by a suspected drunk driver. The police officer is not injured, bar the swelling around the cheekbone, in which she was struck. Turns out, the suspected drunk driver’s blood alcohol content revealed a .079 […]

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Testing some improvised weapon advice…

What happens when you try to hit someone with the O2 Bottle? What about using the rescue bag, or clip board to block with? Whack ’em with the O2 Bottle! Use the rescue/first-in bag to block with… from DT4EMS (Kip Teitsort) on Vimeo.

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EVE4HP (In-Hospital)

There is a widely recognized but little acknowledged problem threatening healthcare personnel; injury through assault. The frequency of assault on our healthcare, and hospital staff is alarming. Many healthcare professionals have anecdotal stories of how they were attacked by a violent patient, an angry bystander or upset family member. While most attacks are not life [...]

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