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CPI’s NVCI vs. DT4EMS’ EVE – A simple comparison

Every system is great when used for what it was created. EVE and NVCI are certainly proof of that statement. Apply any analogy you wish; a square peg for a round hole, when "every tool is a hammer..." and you "get" what this post is about. All one really has to do is look at [...]

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Due Diligence Resources for DT4EMS’ EVE

Due diligence on DT4EMS’ EVE Related post: DT4EMS is Bullsh!t One thing is certain, researching an unfamiliar topic, especially one with such a high-frequency, high-liability presence, can be taxing and time consuming. To save you some of your valuable time, this post will help speed up your research process. Parts of due diligence for training […]

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