J.B. – Springfield, MO

I‘ll be honest and admit that I initially signed up for the DT4EMS class with a great deal of hesitancy. Call it pride, but after 19 years in EMS and a couple of years of self-defense classes (including competing in some grappling competitions), I was quite honestly skeptical that there was much they could teach me in two days that I didn’t already know. Nevertheless, I signed up for it after being urged to by some of my co-workers. 
I’m glad I did!  I found the class to be one of the most well-organized and entertaining classes I’ve ever attended. Prior to attending, I had envisioned some alpha-male dominated “Rex Kwon-Do” style class :), or  — worse yet — being lectured in dry legalese on the taboos of defending ourselves against aggressors. These concerns were absolutely unfounded and couldn’t have been further from the truth. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and very professional. We were presented with entirely relevant and practical information in a fresh format, which I found both enjoyable and informative. With a perfect, rotating balance between classroom instruction, physical training drills, and educational videos, the class never felt dry or boring.
After leaving the class, I had a far better understanding of my legal rights and obligations as an EMS provider. Whether a new provider or a veteran, I wholeheartedly feel that this class will benefit you (and you will likely even find it entertaining!)