Jeffrey Monaco- Dover, DE

First, I am the “old” bald guy who sat in the front of the class in front of the podium and had a brain freeze on the last test question. Believe me I took in a lot and plan to pass it on.
I now have completed your “class” survey, however, I just wanted to say again that your class was FANTASTIC and WELL PAST DUE FOR THE FIRE/EMS COMMUNITY!  It is my sincere hope that folks wake up to this important issue that faces all first responders and is only (not to be pessimistic) going to get worse. Really would have liked to have had more time to absorb everything, but it was what it was. You did a STELLAR job in your instruction, especially with the given time restraints.  You are an OUTSTANDING instructor as you  more importantly TAUGHT us!  I had the “H” ASI with my MOS in the army and specialized in small arms instruction, range operations and land navigation.
I come from a long time frame and have the advantage of seeing things from a different perspective than many of the young set. Not to take  anything away from them, but experience does make it a different complexion.  Given the knowledge that you gave me over the last few days last evening I reflected back on some of my harried situations that I had experienced in the mid 1970’s (one of them being shot at on a call and had to be rescued by LE) while performing my EMS missions and analyzed what I could have done differently and mistakes that I had made.  Of course “we” were never trained for what to do in case of a violent encounters.
I have already started brow beating some of my peers for not attending this course and encouraging them to take it if it ever comes up again in our area. The mind set is “I already know what to do” is dangerous and computes to complacency.
Thanks again and good luck with your back operation and please continue with your work!
God Speed!
Jeffrey L. Monaco
Lewes Fire Department, Inc.
Lewes, DE.