New Standard in Required Training

Like most, I was skeptical of what this course really would do for me and/or my staff when first looking into DT4EMS EVE Programs. Like any manager/Chief I gathered information, verified curriculum, and consulted other departments who previously took the course and became more intrigued in taking the course myself.

As a Fire Chief and long time EMS Instructor I was absolutely impressed with the core didactic educational objectives combined with the practical skills training that I experienced throughout the course. The amount of risk mitigation and liability deferring aspects of this course is not only a huge welcome from a managerial stand point, but a financial long term requirement. This program began conversations with our legal and insurance teams at a whole new risk reduction level that we have now mandated as a required training program for all of our staff!

Our department is very rural, limiting the access to quick response from law enforcement due to distance. It has in the past, and inevitably in the future allowed us to be in situations that we were not expecting without quickly arriving “back up.” The EVE EMS/Fire course has given my staff the ability to have “a moment in time” to escape these unforeseen circumstances as well as identify potentially violent scenes quicker through the foundations of the DT4EMS Program.

Without a doubt, this has been an eye opening course that has set the standards in risk mitigation in the pre-hospital environment. (Not to mention, it was FUN learning!) Matthew Quinn- Fire Chief Keeler Fire & Rescue Department