President of Arkansas EMT Association

As a street provider for over 20 years I have been assaulted many times. Although left bloody and bruised on some of them, I luckily have never lost a days work to them. As a supervisor and regional manager I have filled out a many 1st report workman’s comp claims reports. As President of the Arkansas EMS Association I get told about EMS Provider assaults monthly. As a former police officer and SWAT medic I have taken a few hand to hand combat classes, but non like the course at DT4EMS.
On my last day working full time in Pine Bluff, Arkansas I was assaulted in the back of the ambulance. The police were called, on there arrival I explained the situation to the primary officer (who was a fellow SWAT member). To my surprise he asked “What do you want me to do about it?”, I exploded and told him I wanted him to be charged with assault. To make a long story short the assailant received a fine and probation.
It is a shame that our EMS providers are put in harms way daily, and the “It’s just part of the job” attitude happens every day. As stated in your course, if I was at any other job my assailant would have received a harsher punishment. We as EMS providers are selling our self’s short accepting this and not fighting for our rights. Upper management should be ashamed of what they are letting happen to there employees. And the court system needs to open it’s eyes that EMS providers should receive the same consideration as the rest of the public in the justice system.
As President of the AEMTA I have received several emails form our members about how “awesome” your course is. After taking DT4EMS/Fire I understand what they were talking about, the course was “awesome” and filled with information I have never seen in my 20 years. As an Asst. Chief of the Watson Chapel Fire Department I now have a better understanding of what to do when one of my personnel is assaulted. As a emergency provider I feel more confident that I will be able to defend my self in a hostile situation. DT4EMS is probably the best course I have ever taken, and should be required for all emergency personnel including law enforcement in my opinion. And if given the opportunity will take your course again as a refresher. And services and departments are missing the boat when it comes to preparing their personnel for the environment that we work in.
Again thanks for one of the greatest courses I have ever taken, and for changing the way I respond to calls every day to ensure I go home to my family. If you find your self in Sothern Arkansas come by and see us. And look forward to seeing you all again.
Asst. Chief Dwayne Aalseth NREMT-P/IC
President Arkansas EMT Association