Seth Martin, MO

I am writing you this email to express my thoughts and opinions of the DT4EMS class taught this weekend. I attended the basic DT4EMS class both Saturday and Sunday. The class started promptly both days and did not run over on time. Lunch was provided on site both days, which was great for time management. On to the class.

Instructors- All three instructors, Daniel Licavoli, David Ray, and Shane Jaeger did a phenomenal job explaining the material, demonstrating techniques, and answering questions. They look professional in their shirts and were very confident in their skills as instructors. They presented the material for the class in a way that was exciting and informative. We had class for eight hours both days with little more than a 30 minute lunch break. I could not believe that eight hours of class could go by so quickly without taking breaks. The class was kept on tract and focused at all times by all instructors. All skills were closely and meticulously observed (and corrected if necessary) by all of the instructors.

Material- The material taught in this Basic DT4EMS class was very easy to learn and even more easily applied in application. The defensive tactics taught will not only keep the employee safe, but will also create as little harm to the attacker as possible. This course took baby steps to slowly bring all the different steps of this program together. It takes what you know about fighting before the class and re-trains you to become a proficient defensive healthcare provider. The class was ran smoothly and all the paperwork was in order and issued at the beginning of class. The test was very focused and helped to accurately assess the information given during the two-day course. The equipment was TOP NOTCH! I felt very safe in practice and in live training with the provided gear.

Overall- I can not explain to you how much information I obtained from this class. I feel safer and more prepared as a paramedic in the field to deal with a potential attacker. I now know about certain situation I should never even put myself into and I believe that is one of the most important parts of this course. Recognition of danger is a key to personal safety. I would really like to see this class made mandatory for all full time personnel. This class will save someone from being hurt of killed at Marion County Ambulance District. I have been in fire and EMS for eight years now and this is absolutely the best hour-for-hour class I have ever had the privilege of attending. I would highly recommend this class to all employees. I will be the first person to sign up for the advanced class when it is made available. Thank you for supporting us as employees and backing such an effective and educational program.

Seth Martin
NREMT – Paramedic
Marion County Ambulance District