Taken from Course Evaluations (November 2009 Bangor, Maine):

I would recommend this course because:

“Every EMS Provider should be trained at this level”

“allows for greater knowledge base and may prevent incidents all together”

“it could save a providers life”

“everyone will be confronted with a combative patient in their career”

“it give you the awareness of the potential dangers you may face”

“so we as first responders can be prepared for violent situations”

“this course may help me and others diffuse and escalating situation”

When asked what they liked most about the course:

“Awareness of potential unsafe scenes”



“New Class”

“Hands On”

“Usefulness in job”

“The physical activity”

Taken from Course Evaluations (May 2009 Skohegan, Maine):

I would recommend this course because:

“It’s fun”

“It’s effectiveness. “

“It is important to help protect oneself from harm in a safe manner”

“It can be used to save you or your partner”

“applicable to calls”

“it is very applicable to on-the-job situations”

“it is needed for all providers”

“This is the first program of it’s kind of which I walked away from thinking that it would actually work!”- — S. Carpenter

Taken from Course Evaluations (August 2009 Mon EMS, West Virginia):

I would recommend this course because:

“Very well taught”

“Everyone needs to be able to protect and get away”

“EMS has no way of personal defense”

“The knowledge to defend self is a great asset. Situations arise more than expected”

“Because it is a great course”

“I feel it is important for field providers to learn self-defense”

“Been overlooked for years”

“It is very informative”

“it is pertinent to our awareness of being safe and going home at the end of shift”

“ it was very informative I learned a lot of information”

The following were taken from course evaluations from the DT4EMS Instructor Course 07/10/06 – 07/14/06:

What did you like best about the program?

“The fact that it is practical…… This is the first instructor program that actually taught me how to teach……”
— Sam V.

“Up beat, relaxed enough to have fun”
— Dave J.

“Law, liability issues. Statistics of assaults (on EMS) in the field.”
— Steve D.

“The simpleness of the program.”
— Scott M.

“Up and Down”
— James M.

I would recommend this course because:
“The only course I know of that protects EMS Providers in all 4 areas (Mind, Street, Media and the Courtroom)”
— Sam V.

“of it’s real word content”
— Dave J.

“EMS Providers really need it and it is easy to comprehend”
— Steve D.
“This is needed for all EMS Providers”
— Scott M.

“Great Class”
— James M.

What did you like least about the program?
— 4 evals were blank, one responded “Nothing”.

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