The dangerous phrase of “Combative Patient” Parts 1 and 2

By definition, a combative patient can’t exist. That aside, the label, along with the thought process, and conviction to serve patients, nurses, medics and EMTs oftentimes find themselves connected with attackers.
DT4EMS’ EVE teaches staff the ability to recognize a change in relationship. When a person is no longer to be considered a patient.

Combative Patient: The phrase may be more dangerous that the people we are dealing with from DT4EMS_Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.

Not sure if there is anyone more stubborn than I am when it comes to change.
In my 25 years of public service as a medic and a police officer, I have resisted my share.
I had been teaching DT4EMS’ brand of self-defense to EMS and nurses before I even realized a huge part of the reason behind the epidemic of violent assault on healthcare staff.
Thanks to some colorful comments, I decided to make part two of the dangers of the phrase combative patients.
Trust me, I’m used to people not getting the message right away. Heck, I was ridiculed by peers for the first ten years for even saying healthcare NEEDED self-defense training.
Now that people are starting to acknowledge the need, there is reluctance to accept the research. That is until they train with us

Combative Patient: Part 2 from DT4EMS_Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.