Trash- talking, tackle and a Taser…what could possibly go wrong?

The questions we keep asking…

1)  Custody or care; What is the role of medical staff?

2) Has there been a cultural loss of neutrality?

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 We continue to ask these questions because healthcare providers continually find themselves in the middle of a use-of-force situation on the job. Without proper training, there is no ability for staff to have critical thinking skills for the reasonable use of force. Instead the provider must revert to past experience or hip-pocket type training.

You can either address the situation with training before it occurs or after. Just remember, the wise to at the beginning what fools do in the end.

In the video, we are not making a statement as to who is right or wrong. What we ask is- are the people in the video acting “reasonably” based upon the situation? 

Would the bystanders and other family members lump EMS in with police in their perception of the use-of-force?

What “role” was the guy in the reflective vest in? Is the fact he is an off-duty officer conveyed early in the use-of-force tangle?