Video of Paramedic Aggressively Dumping Hospice Patient Surfaces.

How many more providers must be arrested before something is done? Healthcare providers are HUMAN. They (we) experience the same emotions as everyone else- The problem is we are held to a higher standard. In the defense of every one of these cases, while not considered “reasonable” actions, I can understand them, as can any seasoned provider.



In every one of our classes across the country, we state our goal is  “to prevent at least one person, patient or provider from being a victim of an assault”.  No different than us trying to prove violence toward staff is an epidemic, we have just as much trouble getting people to believe that their staff could in fact commit an assault. 


Use of force incidents are happening. If staff are never trained in what is “reasonable” they will act based upon how they “feel” at the moment.

In this particular incident, (below) there was an alleged verbal confrontation between the (former)Brevard County Fire Rescue paramedic and the Hospice Patient prior to the medic allegedly dumping a patient’s stretcher over. 





While many will sit back and armchair quarterback on the above incident… Know this- It is NOT uncommon. Just the fact it is captured on camera is. 

But wait! There’s more-

A paramedic may be liable for attacking a man who screamed and swore at him after the emergency responder did not immediately take the man’s sister to the hospital, a federal judge ruled.  Although police officers are usually called to the scene for potential overdose incidents, none responded to the Brown house, leaving the paramedics alone with Brown, court documents say.
Snarskis allegedly told Brown to “get the fuck out of the room,” and when Brown refused – still yelling that his sister needed to go to the hospital – Snarskis charged him, punched him in the chest, grabbed his neck, and threw him into a wall.

  • Glendale, AZ where firefighters were filmed by a neighbor
  • Baltimore- A paramedic is arrested for allegedly assaulting an intoxicated female. Some of which was captured on camera.
  • Denver- Paramedic sentenced to prison for assaulting a patient in the back of the ambulance.
  • FDNY medic filmed choking a woman
  • Portland Firefighters videoed taking a man to the ground a kicking him


Videos of the above incidents can be viewed  here where we have a collection of incidents. Please take a look at the image below. It speaks volumes.