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DT4EMS’ EVE4EMS/Fire and Nursing. The way to culture change!

There have been multiple news reports of EMS/Fire and Nursing staff attacked with a “Choke”. You can see for yourself by visiting our Assault on Staff Log in the DT4EMS Forums.

In training, we believe the provider should have never been choked, but since human conflict is dynamic, we want to give the provider “options” for an effective-easy to learn-easy to remember escape.


Train Them

Some Interesting Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Violence in EMS/Fire; Is it really an issue? This is Part 1.




This is a video clip taken from a recent course. It was filmed prior to the recent events tragically taking the lives of two firefighters in New York.

A few FAQ’s regarding EVE

Assaults recognized, but rarely acknowledged in EMS/Fire

Is there a need to train for violence in EMS/Fire?

Assault Response Levels of DT4EMS’ EVE

The Importance of a Distraction