Violence in EMS/Fire and Nursing IS Here. There is No Denying It. Watch These Video Clips

Hey OSHA! Look here… Why don’t you help expose this “dirty little secret” like you did with BloodBorne Pathogens, crashes, back injures, slip/trip/fall hazards?

Providers, take a moment and click these hyperlinks. There you can see the



The Labor Department says health care is the leading industry for workplace violence.

How many attacks are there?  We don’t know because there is no uniform reporting system.  So CBS 3 asked nearly 70 local hospitals how many incidents they’ve had.  Only three provided numbers.

“They don’t like the bad publicity,” said Patty Eakin, President of the Pennsylvania Association of Nurses.  She says some hospitals are not doing enough to protect their staff.  And nurses are often reluctant to report abuse for a number of reasons, including fear of retribution from their employer.

“Lots of hospitals tell their nurses oh don’t call 911.  It’s against the hospital policy,” said Patty.
Watch the clip here: CBS Philly


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Iteam Reports out of MA on hospital staff assaults

News report of medic being headbutted

Nurses talk about being attacked

Chicago News of Paramedics attacked


Detroit medic describes how assaults are common.

West Wesbter Firefighter’s Shot

Paramedic Assaulted


Medic Assaulted on Fall Call

EMS Crew and Nurse attacked by Psych Patient

Man stabs EMS provider with Needle

Firefighter punched after Hockey Game (not sure why the firefighter pushed the man prior to the assault)

Now you see the scope of the problem here is our answer


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