Violence in Healthcare Awareness Campaign -SYWYSO ā€“ ā€œSaving Yours, While You Save Others.ā€


Violence in Healthcare Awareness Campaign -SYWYSO – “Saving Yours, While You Save Others.”

Violence Awareness Campaign from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.

I always say how there is no Awareness Campaign for violence in medicine. We know the difficulty of getting people to realize their safety iSYWYSOs just as important, if not more so, than any “patient.”

I have an File Jul 16, 11 50 11 AMidea for a campaign!

Here is how you can help- SYWYSO, our motto, tag line, system belief, or whatever you want to call it… It’s what we do.

SYWYSO- scribble it on your hand, write it on a chalkboard, type it on your computer… With or without you in the picture, should you wish to remain anonymous.

SYWYSO by your cardiac monitor, crash cart, by ED entrance sign, O2 tree, ambulance, the more creative the better. I truly believe the more SYWYSO circulates the internet, providers will start to believe it is actually OK to consider their own safety a priority. While many may pay “safety” some lip service, many don’t practice it. We want providers to truly practice keeping themselves safe, while they help save patients.Ā 

You have the power to help. It only takes a moment to capture the SYWYSO image you placed somewhere, and upload it to social media šŸ™‚