About Us: Introduction to DT4EMS’ EVE


DT4EMS’ Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) programs provide staff with the ability to recognize when a relationship changes. It is the critical thinking skills to recognize when a person is no longer a patient. That is what makes DT4EMS’ EVE different, relevant and culture changing.


1. The FACTS

Workplace Violence in Emergency Medicine is no doubt an epidemic. That is a FACT.

  • FACT: Almost daily your EMS, Fire or Emergency Department  staff are threatened, yelled at or FACTSphysically assaulted by a patient, upset family member or bystander.
  • FACT: You understand, according to several studies, injuries from assaults are a leading cause for lost work hours in the fields of emergency medicine.
  • FACT: We understand you are concerned about the response you or your provider would use in these particularly  stressful incidents.

FACT: According to Bureau of Labor statistics, an assault on a healthcare worker is the most common source of nonfatal injury or illness requiring days off from work in the healthcare and social assistance industry.

FACT: DT4EMS’ Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) provides superior Workplace Violence Prevention (WPV) training affording staff the critical thinking skills to protect patients, staff and the agency.

FACT: DT4EMS’ EVE has been named an “industry best practice” by Risk Management/ Safety Consultants.


2. Our Mission


Objective : To empower cultural and behavioral modification through the enforcement of exemplary customer service, reasonability, and industry best practices that yield a reduction in employer liability and culminate in an increase employee safety and security.





3. Our Creation


DT4EMS’ EVE is named an industry best practice for EMS, Fire and ED staff by  Risk Management and Safety.

DT4EMS, LLC is recognized as providing subject matter expert material (SME) working with both the NAEMT and their Safety Course as well as the National EMS Management Association and their End EMS violence initiative. This recognition is due to our principle based training for tactics, techniques and skills for staff recognition, avoidance, de-escalation and escaping if needed, the violent encounter on-the-job in emergency medicine. Founder Kip Teitsort is also serving on the Board of Directors for Stop Healthcare Violence.

Since 1997 DT4EMS has trained thousands of EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Firefighters across the country. Although we started with pre-hospital, it was only a natural progression to migrate into teaching in-hospital courses. This was due to the fact in-hospital staff deal with many of the same issues with violence as EMS and Fire.  Many agencies (hospitals, fire departments, EMS agencies, training entities) have made DT4EMS’ Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) mandatory for all ED and pre-hospital staff.


4. Our Founder


The Founder of the program, Kip Teitsort, having experience as a paramedic, police officer, and martial artist created EVE from purely an EMS/Healthcare origin- not some existing corrections/psych/law enforcement (continuum based) class that was modified to be an EMS/Fire/Healthcare class.  fam2

In the years since the creation of DT4EMS, many of our now certified instructors and instructor-trainers bring decades of law enforcement, military and martial arts experience into our programs. Our instructors also have vast experience with years of Fire, EMS and hospital based patient care. This is how we know we are providing superior training for your staff. Continue to Kip’s Bio 



5. Our Courses

For pre-hospital (EMS/Fire)  we offer our EVE4EMS/Fire and for Emergency Department and In-Hospital staff we offer EVE4HP.  Click either image to be taken to the course descriptions.

evefirelogo       evehplogo

6. Testimonials

  • “I was a former LEO, I went through defense training. I thought this (DT4EMS) would be like that, Boy was I wrong. I was very impressed at the skills taught, how simple they truly are.”  S.Little, NREMT-P
  • The “techniques” we learned in class were sound based on what I’ve learned in my martial arts training.  The “tactics” we learned were invaluable.  Having spent years developing self defense courses, and looking at what was available, I found DT4EMS to be the most complete course available.  No other course covered all four areas, and without training for all 4 areas that DT4EMS offers, the other programs were incomplete, and potentially dangerous.-  Todd Oyen, Paramedic Instructor
  • DT4EMS (EVE) is probably the best course I have ever taken, and should be required for all emergency personnel.- Dwayne Aalseth NREMT-P (Past President of Arkansas EMT Association)
  • Having practiced Nursing for over twenty four years, I’ve received various specialty and instructor certifications as well as collecting letters of the alphabet behind my name.  By far, DT4EMS  has been the most influential specialty course I’ve ever taken.  The course challenged me  to change my philosophy  of nursing, change  the way I deliver safe nursing care and view the patient/family encounter, as well as enhanced my customer service skills.”- Ken King, RN

Participants claim our EVE is one of the best, if not THE BEST training they have ever had. Take a look at more of the testimonials simply click here or the image below.









7. Research Material 

Our Safety Articles/ BLOG covers many of the issues we have seen agencies face universally.

Our Pre-Hosptial Assault on Staff Log has links to news reports of assaults on EMS and Fire staff.

Our In-Hospital Assault on Staff Log has links to news reports of assaults on Emergency Department and in-hospital staff




Go here for many more DT4EMS FAQ’s.  







Now that you have located the information you need, contact Kip for a consultation on how to bring EVE to your agency. email kip@dt4ems.com or call 417-942-4962





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