What it takes to WIN a self-defense situation (on the job) for nurses, paramedics and EMTs.

Winning a self-defense situation in healthcare is different than any other profession. Paramedics, nurses, and EMTs face critical decisions regarding the use of force on the job.
No other person on the planet must decide if they are dealing with a patient or a criminal aggressor like those in medicine face.
The self-defense technique chosen at any given time is an important piece of the puzzle, but that just it… it is a part of the bigger puzzle. Knowing WHEN to use a technique is where the mindset comes in.
Legal and media problems also plaque healthcare when it comes to using force.

Winning self-defense situations in healthcare. The how to is different. from DT4EMS_Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.

Self-defense for healthcare staff is unique. No other profession must recognize the difference between a patient or a criminal aggressor on the job like we do.
Workplace violence and attacks on EMS is an epidemic. DT4EMS’ EVE Escaping violent encounters can provide staff with the tools to make better decisions when faced with the use of force on the job.